Office Locations


Office is located near The Lumberyard in old Encinitas. It is one block west of S. Coast Highway 101, on Second Street between F and G Streets. When arriving at the office, you will find on-street parking available either directly in front of the office or nearby.  Please note that the office is a storefront, which means that you will walk directly into the counseling office from the street -- there is no separate waiting room or reception area. Consequently, if you arrive a little early and I am in session, there will be a sign on the door indicating this and asking you to please wait. If you prefer not to remain in your car until your scheduled appointment time, there is a bench in front of the office for your convenience.


Office is located on Acacia Avenue, one block west of N. Coast Highway 101, north of Lomas Santa Fe Drive. You are welcome to park in one of two parking spaces to the left of the garages, but please be careful not to block garage doors or driveway. If you prefer, there are a variety of on-street parking options nearby. Upon arrival, please enter the structure directly and make yourself comfortable in the waiting room until you are called for your scheduled appointment.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime